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Benidorm Weather

Today's weather for Benidorm, Spain

Tables and graphs of average weather for Benidorm, Spain including monthly climatology, temperature

The most popular time to visit Benidorm is between May and October. During this time the weather in Benidorm is guaranteed to be sunny and warm most of the time. The temperature can reach up to 40C in August, with the sea at a very comfortable 25C Some people think it is too hot and crowded during the busy season and many visitors come out during the spring and winter months when it is cooler.

Like most of the Costa Blanca region, Benidorm weather is favourable for most of the year. The city is surrounded by mountains that offer natural protection from the cold north winds. This gives the area a favourable climate even in the winter months.

Benidorm Weather in Spring and Summer

May through October is the most popular time to visit the Costa Blanca. The Spring in this region has mild, sunny weather. Most days are warm and sunny, with very little rain. In the Spring months the high temperatures range from 16 to 21 degrees Celsius. The low temperatures range from 9 to 14 degrees Celsius.

Benidorm weather is known as a typical Mediterranean climate. A Mediterranean climate has long, hot summers and a moderate winter. The autumn and spring temperatures are generally warm. Summer is the most popular time to visit the area. The hot Benidorm weather and infrequent rain make it a perfect time for the beach.

This climatic area, also called the Temperate Climate with a Dry Summer Season (Cs)4, presents major advantages, from the point of view of tourist activity, compared to its “competitors”- the Tropical (Aw) and Subtropical Humid (Cfa) climates G1: The total amount of rain is less, which allows more days in which to enjoy the sunshine, the beaches and complementary activities in the open air. The absence of rain in the central months of the year coincides with the peak times for tourist demand, as opposed to climates with rainy seasons in the summer. Climatic comfort, which is very related to atmospheric humidity, is much higher in Mediterranean areas as they avoid the binomial very high temperatures and saturation of humidity in the air. Given its latitude5, the Mediterranean presents practically no risk of tropical atmospheric disturbances (cyclones, tornadoes, etc.) with potentially devastating effects.

The area is made out of two crescent shaped beaches with golden sand that is always well cared for and clean. Benidorm has become a holiday hotspot. The old part of the area sits on the piece of land that divides the two beaches and is about the size of a postage stamp. A fort stood here until 1812 when the British and Spanish troops blew it up whilst expelling the French. This point that divides the beaches is called Canfali Hill. Located just north of Benidorm is Calpe, a resort worthy of a visit. Further north is Denia which is also very much a family resort. The main avenue in Denia is the Plaza de la Constitucion where you can sit and watch the world go by. Another town north of Benidorm is Altea where careful development and planning has maintained the tranquil atmosphere and character. There are no high-rise hotels here and for the energetic there are 257 steps up to the old town from which a wonderful view can be had. The mountains on the horizon are fragrant with wild lavender and herbs and in July and August blackberries are abundant, ready for the taking.

South on the motorway to Villajoyosa then take the smaller road to Sella. The countryside is bland until you look down to see the blue waters of the Amadorio Dam, a fisherman's favourite. From Sella, the road winds higher through a terraced hillside, filled with vines until you reach the Safari Aitana, one of the largest safari parks in Europe. From here make for Guadalest (25km from Benidorm), where you will find the famous fortress built by the Moors some 1,200 years ago. The fortress is only accessible through a 50 feet long tunnel through the rock. From here take the Parcent road for 2.5km to stumble upon the El Algar Waterfalls. Leave your car in the car park and walk to the 80 foot falls. It is possible to swim in the cold waters beneath them or take a donkey ride round the area. 10km further along the C3318 is Tarbena, an extraordinary mountain village, famous for its delicious sausages.

Average annual temperatures:

Alicante 18,0°C Almería 18,1°C Barcelona 16,5°C Benidorm weather 19,6°C Bilbao 14,0°C Cádiz 18,3°C Castellón de la Plana 17,2°C Córdoba 18,0°C Málaga 18,5°C Marbella 18,6°C Murcia 18,0°C La Coruña 14,0°C Lisboa 16,0°C Madrid 14,1°C Palma de Mallorca 17,1°C Sevilla 18,0°C Valencia 17,0°C Zaragoza 14,8°C Source: Instituto Nacional de Meteorología y Dirección General de Urbanismo y Ordenación Territorial.

Average maximum temperatures (July)

Alicante 25,9°C Almería 26,0°C Barcelona 24,6°C Benidorm weather 25,8°C Bilbao 21,0°C Cádiz 24,1°C Castellón de la Plana 24,9°C Córdoba 28,0°C Málaga 25,6°C Marbella 24,8°C Murcia 26,3°C La Coruña 19,0°C Lisboa 19,5°C Madrid 23,5°C Palma de Mallorca 24,5°C Sevilla 28,0°C Valencia 24,9°C Zaragoza 23,9°C Source: Instituto Nacional de Meteorología y Dirección General de Urbanismo y Ordenación Territorial.

Average minimum temperatures (January)

Alicante 11,6°C Almería 12,1°C Barcelona 9,4°C Benidorm weather 12,2°C Bilbao 9,0°C Cádiz 12,0°C Castellón de la Plana 10,1°C Córdoba 9,0°C Málaga 12,5°C Marbella 14,0°C Murcia 10,2°C La Coruña 9,8°C Lisboa 10,0°C Madrid 4,9°C Palma de Mallorca 10,2°C Sevilla 11,0°C Valencia 10,1°C Zaragoza 6,1°C Source: Instituto Nacional de Meteorología y Dirección General de Urbanismo y Ordenación Territorial.

Number of days with rainfall registered throughout the year

Alicante 53 days Almería 49 days Barcelona 150 days Benidorm 34 days Bilbao 180 days Cádiz 75 days Castellón de la Plana 90 days Córdoba 70 days Málaga 62 days Marbella 60 days Murcia 66 days La Coruña 195 days Lisboa 150 days Madrid 101 days Palma de Mallorca 92 days Sevilla 69 days Valencia 94 days Zaragoza 104 days Source: Instituto Nacional de Meteorología y Dirección General de Urbanismo y Ordenación Territorial.

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